Welcome to Fraser Valley Diving

About Us

Fraser Valley Diving (FVD) operates year round from September to the end of August. We are a registered non-for-profit organization with a Board of Directors that is elected each year at the Annual General Meeting that is held typically in September or October.

We offer the following programs:

  • Learn to Dive lessons 
  • Recreational
  • Juniors
  • Competitive
  • Masters

We have partnerships with the following organizations to enhance our training program. 

  • White Rock Gymnastics and diving – Dry land programs are available by invitation from your coach. The use of the gym provides our athletes with cardio, core strength, flexibility, and skill development using trampolines, foam pits and harnesses for safe learning.
  • Grandview Aquatic Centre – BC Diving partners with Grandview Aquatic Center and allows our members (selected by their coaches) to train at their facility Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Their facility is equipped with a 3 metre, 5 meter, 7.5 meter and 10 meter, and a bubble machine for learning new dives.

We can offer you all the skills needed to safely dive in a recreational program, become an elite athlete deserving of University scholarships and participation when qualified at major games including Commonwealth games, Nationals, Canada games, BC games, and perhaps one day the Olympics.

Our Classes

Learn to Dive (LTD) 4:00-5:00pm 

A class for all ages and abilities structured for divers who are close in age, typically 5-9 year olds. This class has a strong emphasis on the fundamentals of diving while working on conditioning, technique and development of skills in a fun and relaxed environment.

Recreational (Rec) 5:30-7:00pm

A class for all ages and abilities structured for divers who are close in age, typically 9+. This class is also for divers who have dove in LTD and don’t want to move to our competitive track. A  strong emphasis on the fundamentals of diving while working on conditioning, technique and development of skills in a fun and relaxed environment.

Junior 4:00-5:30pm, 30-45 minutes dryland, 45mins to 1 hour water

A program with a bit more focus and structure than our Learn to Dive program, for young divers (ages 5-9) that have an interest in competing at a provincial and national level at a young age. Divers in this group are selected based on their approach or enthusiasm towards diving, ability to make corrections and an observed work ethic.

Competitive 4:30-7:00pm, 1 hr dryland, 1.5hrs water

This group is dedicated to the divers that are competing (or close to competing) at a Novice and Provincial level. An invitation into this group comes from a coach’s recommendation based on a divers repertoire of dives that he or she is working on, as well as their effort towards making corrections and refining their skills.  This group will start to work on goal setting and plan development. This group is also for divers that have their eyes on the national stage, and focus on long-term goals. Divers in this group look to compete at a provincial and national stage, which requires a set minimum list requirement based on the age group.


Masters is offered for our adult divers. Adults who are wanting to learn to dive or continue on after a youth program can join us in this group.

Our Coaches

Our coaches are all required to be certified by the Canadian Amateur Diving Association at the appropriate level for the athletes that they coach. They are also required to provide a criminal record check and proof of successfully passing the National Coaches Certificate Program (NCCP) ethics requirement. 



Morgan, NCCP LEVEL 1

***** An alternate F.V.D. Coach will substitute if your coach is sick, out of town, or away on vacation. Although this happens infrequently, we ask for your patience when this is required. All substitute coaches are qualified for the level they are subbing in for. It is a valuable skill for divers to be able to learn and perform their dives with another coach *****


Most communication will be done via email. Please, make sure your current email address is on file with the registrar and that you check your email regularly to stay informed.

Any practice cancelations will be done by email. Newsletters will be sent out by email.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram or Check our website to see what’s new www.fvdiving.com

Financial Responsibility

  1. Registration happens all year long and is billed on the 1st of the month.
  2. 15 days notice is needed to end a membership.


Each Diver is encouraged to participate in our home events. They are designed for all levels of skill including the Learn to dive level. All participants receive an award and it’s a great motivator for learning new Dives. 

Dates of Competitions will be emailed as they are scheduled. F.V.D. hosts the Candy cane meet, which is held in December at our pool.

Please note: Divers travelling to out of town competitions are financially responsible for their own expenses. This may include airfare, hotel, meals, and meet fees. As well, divers are responsible for paying their portion of coaching expenses. Where possible, FVD will help to subsidize these costs.


F.V.D. endeavours to keep fundraising to a minimum. There are two mandatory fundraisers in each season. Details will be communicated with ample notice.

FVD is partially funded by the BC Government. Part of our commitment to receive grant money is to fundraise. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please talk to your coach or one of the board members so that we can make your Diving experience an enjoyable one!